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Foz Meadows

Foz Meadows is a bipedal mammal with delusions of immortality. As well as being the author of Solace and Grief and The Key to Starveldt, Foz reviews for A Dribble Of Ink and Strange Horizons, and is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Black Gate. Foz's writing has also appeared at The Mary Sue and The Book Smugglers, and has been nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer. 

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Monstrous Little Voices

Released 8 March 2016

By Jonathan Barnes, Kate Heartfield, Foz Meadows, Emma Newman, Adrian Tchaikovsky


Magic, Michief, Love and War

It is the Year of Our Lord 1601. The Tuscan War rages across the world, and every lord from Navarre to Illyria is embroiled in the fray. Cannon roar, pikemen clash, and witches stalk the night; even the fairy courts stand on the verge of chaos.

Five stories come together at the end of the war: that of bold Miranda and sly Puck; of wise Pomona and her prisoner Vertumnus; of gentle Lucia and the shade of Prospero; of noble Don Pedro and powerful Helena; and of Anne, a glovemaker’s wife. On these lovers and heroes the world itself may depend.

These are the stories Shakespeare never told. Five of the most exciting names in genre fiction today – Emma Newman (Planetfall, the Split Worlds series, 2015 British Fantasy Award for “A Woman’s Place” in Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets), Jonathan Barnes (The Somnambulist, Cannonbridge), Adrian Tchaikovsky (Shadows of the Apt, Children of Time), Foz Meadows and Kate Heartfield – delve into the world the poet created to weave together a story of courage, transformation and magic.

Including an afterword by Dr. John Lavagnino, The London Shakespeare Centre, King's College London.

UK ISBN: 9781781083932

US ISBN: 9781781083949