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Al Ewing is a major new writer whose work in US and UK comics has seen him hailed as the most exciting new voice in the field. His work for Abaddon has been equally lauded and his unique visions of pulp fantasy have found their home in five different novels for Abaddon Books. The Fictional Man is his first novel for Solaris and is one of the list’s most keenly awaited books.

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Released 11 November 2010

By Rebecca Levene, Matt Smith, Al Ewing


The masters of flesh-munchingly, gut-wrenchingly, eyeball-poppingly great zombie fiction bring you three of the best books from the first years of the critically-acclaimed Tomes of the Dead line.

The Words of their Roaring

In a London overrun by the zombie hordes, former thief Gabe O’Connell’s loyalty to his employer Harry Flowers is challenged when a routine job goes south and he uncovers the full extent of the gang lord’s plans for the city.

“The world of horror fiction may have just found its equivalent to Tarantino.” - Whispers of Wickedness Magazine

I, Zombie

John Doe has been dead for ten years. If the price is right, he’ll kill for you, steal for you, or save your life for you. There’s no mystery you can’t hire him to solve... except for the secret behind his own existence. A secret that could end all life on Earth.

“Right from the bullet-soaked opening up until the downbeat ending, Ewing keeps things moving so fast that I literally couldn’t stop and get off.” - Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

Anno Mortis

Beautiful and deadly, the gladiator Boda is brought to Rome in the reign of Caligula, where she uncovers a plot to breach the barrier between life and death. For all that she hates her captors and their decadent city, she may be the empire’s only hope.

“It’s the sort of book for which the term ‘romp’ or the phrase ‘rip-roaring adventure’ was coined.” - Nostalgia for Infinity



The El Sombra Trilogy

Released 12 January 2017

By Al Ewing

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The greatest story ever told!

In the quiet Mexican town of Pasito, the future is born. A man dies; a fool and braggart, best forgotten. In his stead, a legend arises: the man in the bloodstained mask, the Saint of Ghosts. El Sombra!

Yearning for justice against the Nazis that plundered his home, El Sombra will cut a swath across the world. He will hunt his enemy to the streets of Manhattan – home of the mighty Doc Thunder, the terrible Blood Spider, and all the monsters and gods who fight beside them – and finally into the heart of the Ultimate Reich itself!

Thrill at the legend! Follow a story as vast as the whole world, from the beginning of the human race to the end of the time itself!

He defies man! He defies death! Nothing can stop him! VIVA EL SOMBRA!

Collecting the three novels: El Sombra, Gods of Manhattan and Pax Omega

ISBN (Mobi): 9781786180575
ISBN (Epub): 9781786180575
ISBN (Print): 9781781084991


I, Zombie

Released 15 June 2008

By Al Ewing


"My name is John Doe. I've been dead for ten years."

I have no heartbeat, no breath, no smell, just cold, clammy flesh animated by something I don't understand. So I sell my dead flesh to the highest bidder. If the price is right, I'll kill for you, steal for you, or save your life for you. There's no mystery you can't hire me to solve... apart from this one.

The bent copper torn apart in his flat by something not quite human. The hidden rooms underneath the Tower of London. The hollow-eyed boxer, Morse, and strange, strange Mr Smith with his head full of the future. And the secret they found. The secret of who I am. A secret so big and black and terrible that it changed everything we thought we knew about existence.

And now I'm the only person who can stop the end of all life on this planet...

...I, Zombie!


Afterblight: America

Released 14 June 2011

By Rebecca Levene, Al Ewing


It swept across the world like the end of times, a killer virus that spared only those with one rare blood type. Now, in the ruined cities, cannibalism and casual murder are the rule, and religious fervour vies with cynical self-interest. The few who hope to make a difference, to rise above the monsters, must sometimes become monsters themselves.

THE CULLED: Even before the plague, he was a weapon, cold and brutal; and the Cull took away his one shot at regaining his humanity. Now, deep in the squalor of London, he receives a signal, and a flicker of hope. But the source of the signal is half a world away, and he must fight gangs, collectors, and the powerful Church of the New Dawn to get there.

KILL OR CURE: Spending five years locked in a secret bunker, with only the dead for company, is enough to drive anyone mad. But Jasmine’s crazier than most; she survived the Cull, but the Cure’s worse, leaving her with a Voice that whispers at her to do terrible things. Rescued by the rulers of the New Caribbean, she is sent to investigate a second plague.

DEATH GOT NO MERCY: Cade didn’t exactly care about people, but if someone he almost cared about was in trouble, he’d help if he could. If that meant taking on religious maniacs, suited cannibals and hippies who dealt out free love and fast death... well, I’m kind of runnin’ my mouth here. This ain’t a peaceful story, and Cade... Cade wasn’t a peaceful man.

ISBN (Mobi): 9781849975452
ISBN (Epub): 9781849975445
ISBN (Print): 9781907992131


Death Got No Mercy

Released 15 September 2009

By Al Ewing


This ain't a complicated story, but then Cade wasn't a complicated man.

He didn't exactly care about people, did Cade, but if one of the people he almost cared about was in trouble, he'd help out if he could. If that meant heading down to San Francisco - even though nobody ever came back from there alive - well, fine.

If that meant taking on whole armies of religious maniacs, coupon-clipping cannibals and helter-skelter hippies who dealt out free love and fast death in equal measure, armed with nothing but his two fists and a decent hunting knife... well, I'm kind of runnin' my mouth here.

This ain't a peaceful story, is what I'm tryin' to say. And Cade... Cade wasn't a peaceful man.

ISBN (Mobi): 9781849971478
ISBN (Epub): 9781849971393
ISBN (Print): 9781906735159


The Fictional Man

Released 7 May 2013

By Al Ewing

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Al Ewing is a writer of extraordinary talent and with his first novel for Solaris, The Fictional Man, his incredible imagination has created a work of disturbing, fascinating insight and power.

In Hollywood, where last year’s stars are this year’s busboys, Fictionals are everywhere. Niles Golan’s therapist is a Fictional. So is his best friend. Fictionals – characters ‘translated’ into living beings for movies and TV using cloning technology – are a part of daily life in LA now. Sometimes the problem is knowing who’s real and who’s not.

Divorced, alcoholic and hanging on by a thread, Niles – author of The Saladin Imperative: A Kurt Power Novel and many others – has been hired to write a big-budget reboot of a classic movie. If he does this right, the studio might bring one of Niles’ own characters to life. But somewhere beneath the movie – beneath the TV show it was inspired by, the children’s book behind that and the story behind that – is the kernel of something important. If he can just hold it together long enough to figure it out...

Ewing lays claim to the legacy of Philip K. Dick while also stamping his own unique vision on the genre. This is a major new author whose career should be watched and whose writing must be read.

“A disturbing, self-reflective type of brilliance … cross Joe Lansdale with Grant Morrison, and you start to get close to Ewing”
-Pornokitsch on Death Got No Mercy

UK: 9781781080931 | May 9th 2013 
US: 9781781080948 | May 7th 2013


Judge Dredd: Year One

Released 28 October 2014

By Matt Smith, Michael Carroll, Al Ewing

buy now: UK|US|eBook

Judge Joe Dredd’s first year on the streets as a full-eagle judge. Bred for justice and trained in the law; Dredd’s no helpless rookie. But he’s not the seasoned veteran we know either…

Three iconic Dredd writers – Carroll, Ewing and Smith – are brought together for the first time in Judge Dredd: Year One, the first print omnibus collection in the new series from Abaddon Books.

City Fathers by Matt Smith
The Brutal murder of a Justice Department-sanctioned spy uncovers something new and dangerous in the sectors’ murky black market. Unless Dredd can stop it, chaos will be unleashed.

“Matt Smith has a fantastic handle on the chaos that is Mega City One.” – on Judge Dredd: Year One #2 from IDW

Cold Light of Day by Michael Carroll
A savage killing spree results in the death of two highly-regarded Judges, and many consider Dredd to be responsible: a decision he made five years earlier
– while he was still a cadet – has come back to haunt him.

“Both Carroll and Smith totally capture the character before he became the legend, and both authors deftly capture the internal monologue of the very stoic
Dredd.” on Cold Light of Day and City Fathers

Wear Iron by Al Ewing (previously unpublished)
“Wear iron, that’s the rule.” Paul Strader is a stick-up man, and a stoned cold professional. But when he gets in over his head, he has to risk everything on the word of a corrupt lawman, and break every rule he has. Every rule but one.

“This is cold, abrupt, driven Dredd… This is Ewing channelling the very best of John Wagner.”
-FP International on Trifecta

UK: 9781781082737 | 6th November 2014
US: 9781781082744 | 28th October 2014


The New Pulp

Released 3 February 2013

By Al Ewing, Pat Kelleher


Or so we're told. Those dusty, cheaply printed paperbacks you knew and loved of old have lost their relevance. People don't want fast-paced adventure! They want dreary ten-volume collections of thousand-page tomes recounting the lives of the introspective and self-doubting.

And yet a quick glance at the shelves today shows the spirit of action and heroism is alive and well in the modern imagination.

Abaddon presents three of their best stories of derring-do, relentless violence and sheer pluck. In Simon Spurrier's The Culled, a special ops soldier murders his way across a post-apocalyptic continent to find the one he loves.

In Al Ewing's El Sombra, a maddened poet, left for dead in the desert, returns as a laughing angel of vengeance to destroy the Ultimate Reich.

And in Pat Kelleher's Black Hand Gang, a "pal's batallion" of WWI Tommies is plucked from the Somme and dropped in a world of ghastly aliens and sudden death.

ISBN (Mobi): 9781849975131
ISBN (Epub): 9781849975124