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Colin Sinclair

Colin Sinclair is a writer and roleplaying game creator from Northern Ireland. He's written a lot over the years but most of it is boxed up and buried deep where it can't cause you any trouble.  When he's not forced to work in a dull office job he's writing or reading, and when he's not doing that he's baking bread and thinking "I should be writing". His house has been described as "a library with some beds in it". He lives with his wife, some children, probably a cat.

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Invaders From Beyond: Midnight In The Garden Centre Of Good And Evil

Released 25 September 2015

By Colin Sinclair

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Miller, fresh from too many pampered years at university, has managed to lose a PhD, a girlfriend, and her father’s car.

With parents now committed to a regime of find-your-own-way tough love, he’s fallen off the fast track to success, and finds himself working in a shabby garden centre on the edge of nowhere.

The staff are a collection of dropouts and oddballs, the boss is very shady, and Miller’s not sure half the stuff they sell is legal.

Still, he’s learning to get on with things and make do, finding a brand new path through life, but... an alien invasion disguised as a bright and shiny big-box store from out of town? That really isn’t helping.

If Miller wants to protect his job and save the world, he’s going to have to dig deep and get his hands dirty...